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Techyizu traditionally does a t-shirt for every one of its events. This is partly to help spread the events, and also to give some exposure for sponsors.


1. Make an event design 2. Get all sponsor logos 3. Put all of this on a standard t-shirt design file (Adobe Illustrator) 4. Send to T-shirt vendor 5. Pay T-shirt vendor (see if fapiao)

Event Design

This should be relatively unique for every event.

  • Barcamp: Main Shanghai Barcamp should be the same. There have been a range of other designs.
  • Designing Shanghai: Wide range of t-shirt event designs
  • Fail Faster: Pretty standard
  • Hackyizu: Inconsistent

  • Try to lock this down.
  • Sponsor logos may have to be "flattened" to reduce gradients for the design.

T-shirt File

  • (Please link to a standard t-shirt design file)
  • Create an Adobe Illustrator (.AI) file. .EPS will also do. Must be a vector graphic file.

T-shirt Vendor

We have used a number of t-shirt vendors. The prices have ranged from 20 RMB to 35 RMB.

Mr. Wang Jin

  • Kevin's contact
  • T-shirts 20-22 RMB on average for relatively simple t-shirts (few colors).
  • Ask Kevin for contact information
  • Lead time: Should be at least 14 days. Wang Jin sends samples (1500 RMB cost).
  • Minimum order: Supposed to be 500, but it seems we have done fewer.

Other Notes


  • Ideally have them delivered to the venue ahead of time
  • Otherwise a Techyizu volunteer has to shlepp it to the event. With a lot of t-shirts (Barcamp) this can be heavy.


  • If a sponsor is paying for the t-shirt, then we may have to deal with direct fapiao and billing.
  • Handled on a case by case basis.

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