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This is our main website.

Main Issues

  • Wordpress
  • Event Module
  • QTranslate

Login Info

Wordpress login.jpg

General Structure

We have three main types of pages on our main website:

  • 1. Events (for upcoming events, with RSVP system)
  • 2. Recaps (for past events)
  • 3. About Techyizu Information
  • 4. Front Page

Events (Event Module)

This is all the information you need to know to create an event page.

Recaps (Posts)

This is all the information you need to write up a recap of the previous event.

Please upload all photos to Flickr.

About Techyizu (Pages)

These are static pages about Techyizu itself.

  • About us (updated 11/2013)
    • Edited a lot of it (11/26/2013), fixed wechat, added wiki
  • Previous events (removed 11/2013) - Outdated, and info is on front page.
  • Upcoming events (removed 11/2013) - Outdated, and we always link the main event on the front page.

Front Page

Techyizu wordpress mixfolio part hero.jpg

This is always a pain in the ass.

  • Updates to the blog theme, sometimes destroys our custom coding.
  • Please pay attention that there is a "Join the mailing list" button on the front.

How to do this:

  • Click on "Appearances -> Editor"
  • Click on "part-hero.php" (it's a Mixfolio theme file)
  • Find the code area where you want ot change the message.
  • Change the message.

Updating the home page for the next event.

Techyizu change homepage.jpg

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