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We basically organize events at Techyizu. There are essentially three phases for organizing an event.

  • Pre-Event (almost all of the work happens here)
  • Event
  • Post-Event


This is where most of the work happens. This is where we put the idea together, figure out who works on this.

Idea Development

What is the event going to be about?

Internal Organization

  • Figure out who is responsible.


Logo Design

  • Need to design a logo (if it is a new event)
  • Need it in AI (Adobe Illustrator) - For T-shirts, posters / standees.
  • Need jpg versions for emails and website.

Event Description - Copy Writing

  • Write the copy for the event.
  • Make this in plain text initially if possible
  • We generally finally

Translation to Chinese - Unfortunately this is the situation.

Event Content - Materials / Handouts


This is about telling other people in the world about the event.

Website Post (

This is the most important thing. This is the version that everyone will look at.

Emails (

Once you have the website, you can copy the content.

Meetup (

Once you have the website, you can also copy the content into meetup.


If we have extra time, we can try contacting the local media.

Shanghai Startup Digest

This is Bob Zheng and People Squared. Contact them to let them know about our upcoming events.



Need some Techyizu team members to handle registration.


Need some Techyizu team members to handle taking photos of the event.

Social Media

Need some Techyizu team members to also try and post the event.


Techyizu team members to make sure the food is handled.


Clean up after the event.


If there is an afterparty, I guess do that. We usually try to have beer. And charge for that.


This is what happens after the event. We're traditionally not very good with this.

Picture Upload

This is probably the most important.


We try to push our event photos to

This can also be exported into a slideshow through this (page).

  •  ?? Which account? How to do this?

Website Write Up

We used to write recaps of the event.

  • Should be posted on the account

Getting At-Event Materials

This is useful if there are speakers at the event.

  • PPT, PDF
  • Upload to the website

Feedback Survey (

If we have time / energy, we should also send a feedback for the event to show people.

Final Comments

See also