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Using Mailchimp is a bit of a pain. But uh, it's our mailing system, so we have to suck it up.

How to get to Mailchimp

NOTE: Surprisingly, you can't go to Please pay attention.

Our mailchimp account is linked to our Google Apps account.

Techyizu login.gif
Log in to your Google Apps account. This is the only way to get in.

Techyizu mailchimp app1.gif
This part is annoying. you have to scroll down. You even have to scroll down PAST the usual divider, to go below "More apps from Google".
Techyizu mailchimp app2.gif


Now that you're in Mailchimp, you actually want to send an email.


  • Ideally, you have already gotten all of your text
  • Get the translation into Chinese already ready

Creating a New Mailing

  • After you login, you arrive on the Dashboard
  • Go to Campaigns

Mailchimp campaign replication.gif

  • Go to a Campaign that is very similar to the one you want to send.
  • Click on the triangle, and replicate the campaign

Techyizu email campaign.gif

  • Send to everyone (no need to change anything)
  • You will want to RENAME the campaign, and Change the email TITLE.

Editing your mailing

Mailchimp mail editing.gif

  • Banner: 600 px (or 580 px) something like that
  • Have the Chinese text ready. Run that first.
  • English text underneath
  • KEY TIP: I generally put all the content in a text editor first. Then insert the text into the existing mailing text. This way I think you can avoid screwing up the formatting in the email.

  • PICTURES: try to make them around than 580 px wide.
  • Again, the key is having all of the email content already completed.

Sending your mailing

  • Send a test to yourself, and a few other Techyizu organizers, just to make sure you didn't screw it up
  • It is annoying, but you'll catch a lot of mistakes.
  • Please double-check -- 1. LINKS, 2. LINKS, 3. Dates of the event, addresses for the event.
  • Try not to send on Monday (people are busy), or weekends (people don't care)

Mailing List Management

[* As of Feb 6th 2014, all lists were summarized into "Techyizu List" and organized based on List "segments" based on source (Barcamp, Demo Day, Hackyizu).

in 2014 We will add new subscribers and signups to new Segments, not new lists, which will help us keep duplication to a minimum. ]

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