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Previously Lean Startup
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Fail Faster is Techyizu's take on a lean startup event. The event focuses mainly on educating attendees on Customer Development. Fail Faster is a three day event to help teach customer development and lean startup.

Event Introduction

Event Schedule


* 7:00 PM - Introduction to event
* Lecture: Why learn lean startup?
* Team Formation


* Lecture: Using the Javelin Board
* Lecture: Understanding the Problem / Interview
* Lecture: Customer Development
* Lecture: MVP

* Lecture: Pivot
* 4:00 PM - Presentations: Team Presentations

Fail Faster - Presentation Materials

Fail Faster - Tools

Javelin Boards

  • Please give credit to Lean Startup Machine when possible!
  • - Can download the PDF from here.

Prototyping Tools

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