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  • Two-day event (2012, 2013)
  • Targeting engineers, developers, hackers
  • ~50 people
  • Teams of 3-7 people
  • Loose presentations at end of event (no prizes or competition)
  • Educational for non-hackers

Hackyizu 1 in 2012

Hackyizu 2013 image.gif Hackyizu picture 2013-300x225.jpg

Hackyizu 2 in 2013

  • Event Page:
  • Venue: Xinchejian in Jing'an
  • Expecting 50 people to attend, 10 teams
  • Partnering with Xinchejian
  • Build something you can hold. We've also extended the invitation to artists, product designers, fashion designers and other creatives to see what hackers and designers can achieve together in just 48 hours: racing robots, clothing that makes a statement, lighting, flying gizmos... the sky is the limit; and December 7th is when it all begins.
  • Warmup Event: December 1
  • Main Event: December 7-8

Hackyizu 600.JPG

Event History

  • Hackyizu 2012 - Our first hackathon. Mixing social and hackers.
  • Hackyizu 2013 - Our first hardware hackathon. Mixing design and hardware.


  • hackyizu [at] techyizu [dot] org

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