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How to organize a Barcamp

Phase 1: Basic Work

  • Secure a venue and date
  • Confirm sponsors
  • Create Barcamp event logo
  • Create event page on Techyizu website, Meetup

Phase 2: Initial Promotion

  • Set up t-shirt / gift
  • Do initial event promotion (email, meetup, social media)
  • Contact potential speakers
  • Set up food and drinks
  • Set up afterparty

Phase 3: Final Details

  • Final promotion (email, social media)
  • Create mobile site
  • Create map of venue
  • Arrange payment and delivery of t-shirts, standees
  • Assign roles of photographer, event coverage

Phase 4: Event

  • Barcamp Setup
  • Barcamp Registration
  • Room minders, presentation gatherers
  • Cleanup

Phase 5: Post-Event

  • Upload photos
  • Write recap for website
  • Team discussion on improvements
  • Add new registrations to mailing list
  • Event surveys

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