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Hackyizu is Techyizu's own hackathon. We wanted to create an event that was more focused on engineers and hackers -- people who actually build things. The goal of Hackyizu is to get people creating things -- not making PPTs, thinking about business cases, doing market research, etc.. At the end of Hackyizu, you should have built something, or at least learned how to build something.

Event Guidelines

Two day event.

Event Schedule


10:00 Introduction
10:30 Classes start (Arduino)


5:00 Show and tell

Event Content

  • Arduino Crash Course Workshop

Xinchejian Arduino Pages

Event History

Hackyizu: Social

  • Dec 2012
  • Innovationworks Office (Yangpu)
  • Bringing together social projects with developers

Hackyizu: Hardware (with Xinchejian)

  • Dec 2013
  • Xinchejian / Transist
  • Hardware Hackathon, Crash course in Arduino

Hackyizu: Hardware II (with Xinchejian)

  • Dec 2014
  • People Squared Hero Center
  • Hardware Hackathon, Crash course in Arduino

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