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CryptoLounge is an informal event focused on internet security and privacy. As the world becomes more digital and connected, everybody needs to understand the basics of internet security and privacy. How secure is your information? What can you do to improve your online security?

Techyizu will hold CryptoLounge to help teach the basics of internet security for non-technical people. These are techniques that can be learned in just a few hours.

Techyizu started organizing CryptoLounge starting in 2016.

Event Description

  • Speakers
  • Mini-Workshops

Coming? You should bring: This is a hands on workshop so bring your laptop and your phone.

Event Content

What you will learn

These are viewed as the top 10 things to do.

  1. 1) Ensure all “data in transit” is encrypted (HTTPS)
  2. 2) Enable multifactor authentication for all major accounts
  3. 3) Ensure all software is legitimate and updated
  4. 4) Enable whole disk encryption
  5. 5) Use good passwords
  6. 6) Back up your data
  7. 7) Use a good antivirus
  8. 8) Understand the risks of mobile phones
  9. 9) How to be more anonymous
  10. 10) End-to-end e-mail encryption

We will add more information over time.

The Big Four Things

Security of Data at Rest

Security of Data in Transit

  • Ensure all “data in transit” is encrypted (HTTPS)

Security of Computer "End Point" Security

Security of Online Accounts

Additional Stuff

Event Schedule


 2:00 Doors Open
 2:15 Introduction
 2:30 Workshop
 6:00 Beer

Event Logistics

  • Speakers - Get an expert to talk about the need, and the desire.
  • Mentors / Volunteers - People who can help other people with the workshop.

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