Becoming an Organizer

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Welcome to Techyizu!

Get in contact with the Organizers

Getting on the mailing list

  • Send an email to Mark (mark at techyizu) or Kevin (kevin at techyizu) to get added to the organizer mailing list.
  • You should receive a weekly email that will let you know the location of the next organizer meeting.

Getting in the Wechat group

  • We also now use Wechat to organize our meetings.
  • Ask any of the organizers in Techyizu to get added into the group!

Saturday Organizer Meetings

These generally take place every week on Saturday. The "sheriff" of the next event sends a weekly email and picks the location.

Saturday at 12:00 noon

Where People Squared Hero Center
28 East Yuyuan Road
Near Tongren Road

愚园東路 28号
靠近 铜仁路

How to Participate

  • Listen - Learn about how Techyizu organizes events.
  • Get Involved - Volunteer to take on some tasks.

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