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Welcome to Techyizu!

Get on the Organizer Mailing List

  • Send an email to Mark or Kevin to get added to the "Saturdays" mailing list.
  • You should receive a weekly email that will let you know the location of the next organizer meeting.

Organizer Meetings

These generally take place every week. The "sheriff" of the next event generally sends the organizer email and picks the location.

How to Participate

  • Listen. - Learn about how Techyizu organizes its events.
  • Get involved - Volunteer to take on some tasks for the next event.

Date / Time / Location

Date / Time

  • Saturday, 12:00 PM


Please read the email to know where the meeting will take place. Impact Labs

1035 Changle Lu, 2nd Floor
Near Wulumuqi Road

People Squared - Yanping Attic

990 Changping Road, Building 8
Near Yanping Road

C3 Cafe


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